How to stop being impulsive

Being impulsive is one of the common human tendencies which becomes more evident when we really cannot control a situation or so. “Mature workers are less impulsive, less reactive, more creative and more centered” as says Dr. Deepak Chopra, spiritual guru and American author of the bestseller book, ‘ageless body, timeless mind’.

We tend to act impulsive more often these days. The primary reason being a messy life and clutter all around. By clutter I mean all the unnecessary things or events that we give attention to or entertaining those people around us who actually don’t even bother for our happiness. There can be various causes that lead to impulsiveness. It has been studied that impulsiveness can give rise to agitation and frequent mood swings thereby making a bad decision maker out of ourselves.

It is very crucial to take control of our impulse to make haste or impulse to shop more often or impulse to get annoyed or impulse to be impatient, etc. Some of the most common impulses we come across are anger, extravagant spending, overeating, backbiting, gossiping and other kind of indulgences which seem to lure people more often by drugging them to see a false outcome of the situation. However, great men always quoted that anything that seems easy, luring and very fruitful often ended up destructive. Living the hard way is the only fruitful path one can choose. Because only by overcoming the hurdles are we going to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Impulsiveness is also a trait which seems more easy and luring that we must overcome, the sooner the better.

It’s quite a relief to know that we all can curb our impulses. So let us explore some ways.

Reflecting on our actions

It is important to be an alert individual, careful of our actions and the words that we blurt out. Being aware of ourselves, our actions and words will help us to be more calm and we will able to sync with the decisions of the universe. But I know it’s easier said than done. How are we going to bring this awareness? How can we become so critical and watchful? The answer is simple : It is reflecting on the day gone. Right before sleeping make a note of what went wrong and what went right and how things can be improved.

Control Impulse action by meditation 

Meditation really helps in bringing the awareness and to maintain a peaceful demeanour. This definitely controls our impulse to react or act sluggishly. According to studies, meditation helps in calming our nerves and neurons in the brain. It makes us very alert and aware. So try practicing this activity for 15 mins daily.

Finding alternatives

We can find every alternative instead of going with our bad impulses. Instead of shopping more often try to keep fixed days in a month or making a budget of minimal amount that you won’t exceed. If you think you are thinking all about shopping every time then please reflect on your behaviour like are you watching those fashion hauls on YouTube,etc. Impulse to overeat can be controlled following a sugar free and junk free diet. It’s noticed that refined sugar is biggest culprit for overeating. Impulse to anger can be controlled by understanding the root cause of a problem. And the most important thing, when a situation seems uncontrollable, give time. Time heals everything.

Simply stay content

It’s impossible and unreliable to own everything or finding easy way out through impulse. Instead keeping ourselves satiated and happy should be a priority on our to-do list. Stop making comparisons and focus on your own game. Focus on the things you have rather than what you can’t have.

I’m pretty sure following these few simple ways of living can create a big impact in our lives and we will be able to control our impulsive behaviour.

Until take care and watch this space for more. 😊


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