Who is the real Ravan?

My attempt to bring the humor to the most contemporary and trending topic of the time.

Ravan , a historical character from epic Ramayana had been considered a bad man since ages. Even though he kidnapped Sita, he kept her with full dignity but Ram on other hand was suspicious of her dignity. Still Ravan kidnapped her so he was considered a bad man. But he was not the real Ravan, infact we have more in this age today. It still exist today not just one but in millions. Though he might be present in different forms but its still there hidden. I have classified him in two forms: the tangible ones and the intangible ones.

Tangible ones are many but intangible ones are more than many. Confused ? let me explain. Tangible ones are no doubt are bad people on earth who have committed wrong throughout their lives and vows to continue that in future. They have got the label as ‘Ravan’ and innocent ones are ready to defeat them in every way just like our Indian army who is constantly battling against the intentions of Terrorists in Pakistan and making sure to curb the retaliation from the opponent. These terrorists are the physical Ravans and we will continue to hate them. Their intention had always been wrong and they can be no good, no matter how hard we want them to be. The government who supports these terrorists is biggest of all Ravan and they are ready for the ‘Sita haran’ (Kashmir) but Ram (Army) will definitely come to rescue. Here the real Ravan is the one who is instilling bad intentions among the ordinary people and inculcating wrong values of ‘Jihad’. The real meaning of jihad is peace and only peace. They have moulded it and gave something new to digest. Result is the birth of sleeper cells, suicide bombers and more terrorism throughout the world.

Coming to intangible ones these our own hidden feelings- our fear, anger, hatred and jealousy. I suppose human being takes his entire lifetime to overcome them.Pakistan and India made the Indus Water Treaty and in tougher times India chose not to react or let the treaty get affected until now when they chose not to talk about it at all. Pakistan got 70% of drinking water from Indus since 1968 but still chose to backstab our nation by sending terrorists to our country just like the Ravan or who first impressed the Lord Shiva and got a boon but ran after the Lord Shiva to kill him instead.In fact intangible Ravans gives birth to tangible Ravans that I spoke about earlier. They are responsible to plant the seedling.The tree has grown very big and the fruits it bore were used to plant more and more seedlings across boundaries, giving rise to more trees and cross border terrorism. It is still hopeful and possible to kill the tangible Ravans but how are we going to kill the intangible Ravans. I hope all countries together come to such a summit and think about killing the intangible Ravans. I know it will be difficult but killing the tangible Ravans will bring more intangible Ravans which will further bring tangible Ravans. The cycle needs to end NOW. Well I am not a an adviser like our very Ajit Doval who is playing the role of Lord Hanuman but a simple person who fear from the day when Ravan will multiply exponentially giving birth to Ravani , Ravanu and what not. The inside Ravan needs to be killed than outside Ravan.

Till then Happy Dussehra and lets kill the Ravan inside us 🙂


2 thoughts on “Who is the real Ravan?

  1. Hey Manjot…
    Nice analogy between the old and new age of now.
    Its really good to see your description of RAVAN as not a figure of “BAD/Cruel” man but instead ones Action or hate/jealousy as true RAVAN within.

    But times it pains me a lot to see a man with immense and impeccable knowledge , being downcast with bad deeds or actions.
    In fact it seems RAVAN – worshipper of Lord Shiva , one who had all four Veda’s remembered by heart was a wise and benevolent king.
    It is said when the RAVAN fell down after being hit by RAM’s arrow. Sigh screamed out of RAM’s mouth. With his tearful eyes filled with repentance
    he said to Laxman – ‘a priceless Brahman man has fallen to ground today , before he leave this world go and learn something from him’.
    So it seems such immense was the knowledge of RAVAN even his killer acknowledged it and repented for killing him.

    Alas! some time its difficult to draw a line between Good and Bad.
    RAVAN abducted SITA only because , RAM-LAXMAN had defamed his sister and him by chopping her nose off. So as to defame RAM and seek revenge he
    abducted her but kept her far from his palace in aganavati cause he was a true Bhrahmin.
    Only if LAXMAN had not chopped off Supernakha’s nose battle would not have happened and perhaps all Good would have prevailed.

    I am not wise enough to judge if doing wrong to some one who does wrong to you is right or wrong but as you said if we keep doing wrong the multiplication would grow in exponents. This do seems something which needs to be stopped before its kind of late.

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