Reaching beyond the skies


Did it ever happen to you when you got what you reached for? Or, you just missed something when you were almost there? Well it might have happened to each one of us for several reasons while we wanted to conquer something. Reaching your goal and actually achieving it are two different aspects of life. There is a very niche difference between desire and intent. One cannot reach beyond the skies just because he or she has a desire. Desire has no direction and no boundaries but in this physical world one has to set a particular intention which has a direction. The latter will provide a clear picture of what we actually seeking for and how we are going to achieve it.

I hear people say “I want to buy Mustang one day” or ” I want to tour Europe one day”. The wants are all desires. Suppose they said, “I will buy Mustang within 3 years by accumulating so and so wealth” or ” I will tour Europe with my wife next year when our children grow big”. These statements show intention do not you think so? The day I realized this I wondered how easy it is to desire and how difficult to set an intention. But I personally feel people who had set an intention actually were successful in achieving their desires. Desire is followed by intention but vice-versa is not true. We have to first reach towards our intention then towards our desire. All desire to get fame but trust me famous sportsperson, actors,artists or legendary people never intended for fame, they intended to achieve their goals with specific intentions, and fame itself followed in. Having desire to get fame is not an intention it is just our wish and wish never has a direction and universe always ignores it. The universe has it own way of comprehending things and it chooses to grant us the wish depending upon the intentions that we have set for ourselves.

Those who set intentions can actually reach beyond the skies. For them sky is never a limit. Their intentions are of limitless boundaries with a proper direction. Be a goal-setter not a dreamer. Believe in achieving short-term goals than long goals because latter never gives a clearer insight and we can can always streamline our work or goals for short term duration. Short term goals indeed provides us with more enthusiasm as we are aware of the specific time and implementation of the planned tasks becomes more easy and smooth.

Also I feel that intentions always keeps us going no matter what because we are completely focused at this time and abide by our never-give-up-attitude. On the other hand desires or wants are never stable. One moment a person wants a mustang but sometime later he wishes to have Lamborghini. So we see the desires only manifest but we are not able to realize it to its true potential. Now by intentions I mean only positive ones which is going to benefit you or others. Of course, if you are setting an intent to harm someone in particular or setting any negative intent against someone, the universe will do you no good. It will return the favours in its own way. Reach for positive intent, followed by realistic desire, you will reach more far than you had ever imagined. Lets keep our imagination grounded and more practical. Universe will definitely bestow the happiness or desires that our souls are looking for.

Inspired by daily prompt :Reach

Photo courtesy: Matthias Zomer in Pexels


6 thoughts on “Reaching beyond the skies

  1. Hey Manjot..
    Some intense words you have there , which intern reminds me of some powerful words somebody shared with me some time ago from a wise historical book :

    You are what your deep, driving desire is.
    As your desire is, so is your will.
    As your will is, so is your deed.
    As your deed is, so is your destiny.

    Which probably aligns with your thoughts if i am not thinking wrong ,
    If your desire is deep enough, to cultivate a driving force(may be the intent) ,it won’t let your inside rest until you see yourself walking towards your desire. This then starts to drive your will ,your actions(deed) till you have your destiny (result).

    To add on , I feel even if you tried for but did n’t reach your driving desire before your death , Your current life accumulation embeds in your soul. Maybe when you are reborn again you will not start afresh but from where you left.
    As an example we have people who have natural flair for something which others may have in something else, this is often termed as the natural talent(God Gifted).
    But the Talent is build from your deep driving desire, converted to passion and hard work it takes more than a life time to come to a satisfying end result.
    As you said power of God and Universe is with him during this journey cause actually desire is not his but his soul’s , his soul is not his but perhaps belongs to the God and his Universe.

    So it really puzzles me to say cruel people like Aurangzeb ,Hitlor has such deep driving desire which led them do vicious things to the world.

    As the use of word “is” in the above quote , is like what you said a desire can be deceptive , unstable such that one moment is there and other moment we can’t sense it as we use to before. But a deep driving desire is not just a infatuating desire its here to stay infinitely.

    It should be an easiest intent if one can find his deep driving desire and work towards it , cause he just have to flow with the current of an invincible force.


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