Dark Truth

Years passed but the motive didn’t.
When fighter plane shook the tallest one
Where once Trade flowed.
It was a shock not just for New York,
But for the world who was running its biological clock.

Years passed but the motive didn’t.
Life came and went, somewhere birth and somewhere death.
Rich and poor alike stood together.
It was not long before when it really happened.
The Arabian sea was still yet forbidden to reveal,
The pigeons and sparrows diverted their flight
As they could not stand the sight of fright.
The beautiful tomb stood meticulously spanned across.
This was seen by them from the far but the nature was Forbidden to speak.
Of the arched gate that led to the mesmerizing Taj.
Like a werewolf they entered at midnight and sucked all like a blight.
Our men were swept off from their feet when bullets took their lives.
No one got spared – Children, men and wives.

Years passed but the motive didn’t.
Beautiful Eiffel was all a glittering gold,
And country that spoke of art and love, of care and laughter
Soon was smeared into a deadliest slaughter.
Before it was world war and then came terror war.
Death came to Bataclan when Metal sang,
Some from Belle Equipe Bar and some from Boulevard Voltaire,.
And some was heard from Stade de France.
The serenity and happiness soon changed to chaos.
All that remained was a shield of fear and Darkness all around.
Everything was fearful and nothing was hopeful.

As year passed, all we felt was little cheerful,
People went at distant for relatives and friends
And flew from one corner to the other,
Adults and Children all were playful,
Until again it was heard from Istanbul.
Some took the flight and some didn’t.
Years passed but the motive didn’t.

Days passed and their motive ran wild.
Stampede resulted from Grenade attack,
And turned the Dhaka black, black and black.
Fire opened with pistols and machetes while some were in hostages.
Hours passed and mood was festive,
Yet terror broke lose again and soon all was plaintive.



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