Tour like a fanatic


There is a side of me who look to wander.
The places explored or yet to be, find their space somehow,
In consciousness or in my slumber.

This side breaks the silence and monotony,
leaving behind world’s monopoly.
I rather choose to get lost in places unseen
Than living in fear among the known.

I had traveled and choose to travel for life,
From mother’s womb to the world outside,
From state to state, a city found.
It was the first time, and it would not be the last.
For the world is big but time is short for those who are curious.
There is a journey to be covered, a place waiting to be lived,
Across oceans, like a hippie, a wanderer must visit.

Like a shooting star, I choose to hop hither and thither,
With a curiousty and anxiety I become a torch bearer,
Making my way to the path less traveled,
I choose to pass it along for others to continue,
For I believe there is tourist in all of us.


Inspired by the Daily prompt Tourist and WP Discover Challenge Opening Line


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