An Empty House

Inspired by the Daily prompt :Empty and WP discover challenge : The Story Behind a Door


It was a long time ago when I was probably around 15 or 16 (do not remember the exact age), I dreamt of an abandoned house. The dream still comes to me sometimes. Once or a while I see the house, though the settings keep on changing. To find the answers I researched on interpreting dreams and many have said that people who are to begin or transform their life usually see such dreams and many more stuff that I read on the internet. Well ! don’t know the truth but this dream is beautiful yet mysterious.

There is a small garden outside and a beautiful main door which is ajar as if ready to welcome and windows wide open with the curtains flattering in the breeze that seems to come now and then. I’m tempted to open this door whenever I come here just to check how is the interior and if there is anyone residing there whom I can have a word with and admire the house, yet I haven’t seen anyone. I open the door and see a lawn before with a sitting area beside.

The sofas and couches look old and pale, though they look expensive but it seems nobody cares for it or take to clean. The table at the center is made of glass and a bottle of wine sealed is kept, as if this house had been waiting to celebrate for years with its residents. There is chair made of wicker waiting for the man of the house to come and relax on it.The lights inside are dim and the house is cozy unlike the weather outside which is cold and breezy. The staircase leads to the rooms upstairs. Ideally as far as I remember there is one room but I always go and check. The stairs are wide as it used to be during ancient times. When I come upstairs I see the room so silent, with the door wide open. I initiate to go inside and take step in but I’m very reluctant.

I fear if I happen to get lost and would never be able to come back to my own world, I start to return and while coming downstairs I see that there is a way to the kitchen and at the corridor a book shelf could be seen with lot of dust that has happened to settle on it with time. I don’t look to explore ahead and leave the house and give a last glimpse by turning back, yet I could not see anyone.

Two years ago I thought to make a sketch of how this house really looked from outside and ended up with the below sketch.


Is the house really empty or it is just the picture that we see of ourselves or our desires in life, in this very physical world. There are no boundaries in the metaphysical world and I feel the doors there, are always open ready to welcome us, unlike the doors here in our world which always remains closed and bounded by restrictions and constraints. Our we really closing the door inside us and not able to open it or see the real self. Well that could likely happen with many of us. But when we see dreams like this our perception changes and we understand our true self. Explore your dreams and explore the real you because in this world we all somewhere are pretending, pretending not to show tension, pretending to look carefree, pretending to be happy, pretending to be cool, etc but when our sub-conscious mind opens up we see our real self.

For those who believe in dreams-Happy dreaming 🙂


11 thoughts on “An Empty House

  1. That is a beautiful post and a good question you ask there… maybe your dream is about you? About your life? Or maybe it’s a hint… Especially as it is a reoccurring dream. There must be something about it. Maybe you have been to such a place but you simply don’t remember it…

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