Go Yoga !

Whats up every body? Surprised by the title? Well today on 21st June, International Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide. Across the countries people go to attend Yoga events and sessions. Yoga as we all know is an age old spiritual practice originated from India and later became popular in many countries. Few names like Swami Vivekananda, Paramahansa Yogananda and B.K.S Iyengar with their outstanding initiatives in the west brought a complete new picture of Yoga.


Yoga is so much trending these days that I personally found many people switching to vegetarian or vegan diet. Well but that is not necessary I think, but eating clean is important. Though I never hit to any yoga studio of late but upon someone’s advice I tried suryanamaskar earlier and the effects were unbelievable. It helped me lose so much that I got lean though eventually I had to stop it because with additional crash diet the effects were too visible. Alas ! it can be done by  anybody as long as you are eating properly and no crash diets. Well that was my experience, talking about Yoga, I did not learnt much about poses and all but found the everlasting and enriching benefits of meditation which I still do now. Meditation can simply change our lives and the way we live. But the most best tip I would give to anybody for meditation- Please do it early morning one hour before the sunrise as the vata energy is strong and present in abundance all around. I was a late riser but since I became an early riser I saw lot of positiveness around me.

There is also a concept of ‘workplace yoga’ these days which are recommended by many organizations and it is taking a full swing. By workplace yoga I do not mean the amenities provided by the organization. It simply says about introducing simple little practices like meditation or hasyasana or dwikonasana or any other (which doesn’t require much space) in a group right at the workplace or your cubicles. It is way of taking break and promoting the goodness and rich benefits of yoga together in an interactive environment. I feel sport activities or any spiritual practices if done in a group really amplifies the feel good vibes around. So this Yoga day why don’t you go ahead and arrange some event at your workplace or just adopt meditation as a practice, I’m sure you will find a new version of yourself and reconnect with your inner self. Until, Happy Yoga 🙂


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