Perfection Phobia

Daily prompt:Perfection

We say ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ but there is also a saying, ‘No man is perfect’. Which one will you believe? Well I think practice helps us to reach closer to perfection but it really does not make us perfect. Imperfection is the law of nature and we cannot struggle upto a point where our capacity gets exhausted. (Read my article on struggle here-Struggle- A riddle)

It is very natural to bring flaws into our work or any sport that we play. Imperfection acts as a catalyst which only stimulates our mind to do things again and again until we reach perfection. I feel perfection is directly proportional to struggle. We struggle hard and let it consume ourselves so much that we do reach a point closer to perfection despite exhausting ourselves too much indeed.

Perfection is a myth and let this myth be busted and instead accept the flaws and stess on improving and growing with time rather putting efforts to be a perfectionist. Perfectionist are those who have a constant fear of not performing well which is nothing more than a mere phobia. They keep on challenging themselves at every step which eventually takes a toll on their mind, body and soul if they are not able to prove themselves. So, stay happy and it is completely all right to be imperfect at times.


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