A City has so much to offer for its inhabitants or for immigrants. It welcomes you with an open heart and does not differentiate, but provides immense opportunity for immigrants who look to settle or its own people who had lived and grown there with their families.I had a privilege of living in 3 cities till now and staying in the biggest state of India (Maharashtra, Maha =Big and rashtra =state), I have learnt a lot from the people, their culture, living standards  and the diversity that spans across the state. Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai are the major big cities where I lived in. I would be more than happy to share a brief about these places below.



I graduated from this city and so it holds a special place in my heart. This city is also called as Orange City, yes its because of those yummy and juicy oranges which are grown here in abundance and exported to different parts of the world and international markets. They are also known as world’s best mandarins. Contrary to your ‘citrus’ imagination of oranges, the city holds a bitter truth as it has got the tag of most hottest city in India. The temperature in summers goes up to 44 Celsius. Ouch ! that’s pretty tough to digest isn’t it?

I also felt the locals here are very helpful and kind at least according to my experience. I easily made friends.



This is a city where the seed of Maratha empire was sown and the peshwas or Prime ministers of the empire had lived and protected their throne from the Mughals. I got an opportunity to work here in MNC for 3 years. The city is also known as ‘Queen of Deccan‘ as it is situated high above on the Deccan plateau and has the biggest cultural heritage of Marathis(people of Maharashtra). The best part of this city is you will get to travel to lot of tourist destinations nearby. Some beach destinations are Alibaug, Divegar, Ganpatipule and hill station like Mahabaleshwar and Lavasa. Many people from foreign lands visit here along with Goa which is 473 km from Pune, another city in my wish list.

Besides beaches and hill stations, Pune has lot of forts around to visit and to know about the historical value it represents. There are about more than 100 forts and the biggest one is Raigad where on the top you can get a breathtaking view of the Raigad district.

There are lot of night clubs in Pune as the youth between 20-30 drives this city at night by partying hard. The disco and pubs are a must visit here. They really bring out the party animal in us. I got a chance to visit Pancard Club Area 51 which had got an amazing crowd and security too was strict. There are many others like Miami and more in Koregaon Park, mostly called as KP. To relax the mind and soul the city offers a biggest international meditation resort – Osho which help in unwinding our nerves. If all this is completed then 25 kms from Satara, we have kaas valley  where you can see amazing varieties of flowers blooming during monsoon. There was lot more to visit in Pune but then destiny brought me to other city , city of dreams-Mumbai.



Mumbai is a financial capital of India where Bombay Stock Exchange is located and is a hub of most richest and globally recognized business men. It is also called as Film city (because of Bollywood).

Well ! it has been only 6 months since I came here. I found this city full of opportunities. The hustle bustle of city life – traffic, local trains, tea vendors, wada pav stalls ( wada pav comes under cuisine ), tall skyscrapers, night life,pubs, drives the people over here and the marine drive or Queen’s Necklace ( where the Arabian Sea starts) offer a spell bound view of Mumbai or Aamchi Mumbai as called by the locals in the Marathi language.

I’m working in this city and there is so much to see around and I could write more and more but eventually this blog will not suffice. Hope I will post about some other city next time. Until then dissolve yourself into this city highlights or citylights.





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