My First Lesson at Home

The very first lesson I learnt at home was to Open up ! My parents taught me to open up with them no matter what problems or hurdles I faced in my life. Initially I used to keep on repeating mistakes by hiding trivial matters like scoldings from my teachers or fight with my friend but eventually I learnt the art of opening up and sharing.

There are so many problems which teenagers face these days. Though I’m not a mother but have seen so many cases when teenagers hide from their parents or elder siblings and could not relate to the consequences. I agree they want space but somewhere proper help is not reaching out to them. They need to be assured that if they open up about their opinions or choices then it would be more easy for them to accomplish their goals after understanding its pros and cons. I feel special attention need to be given to children who are introverts as they often shy away from sharing and occupy themselves in private space most often. I had been introvert but only outside my home. I did not believe in hiding but there are many teens who hide to such an extent out of fear that they end up putting themselves in serious troubles. Though I’m not experienced but just a word for every mother, father, brother or sister ‘Show them the way to Open up.’ They need us.

They are vulnerable yet our future world needs them on every aspect. Introverts can move mountains with their silence but only if they are able to rectify the problems with a more open attitude at least with their own family. The powerful video above has inspired me and many others. I hope many must have seen too. It is a must watch for every one, it will teach how we can help introverts build a trust in us so that they share and grow without doubts.




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