Struggle – A Riddle

Can we imagine our life without struggle? Nope. Struggle is a continuous process and we do not have a choice but to go with the process. But the difference lies in how we really think and absorb things. Struggle is really felt when we are actually overpowered by it and it overpowers you when you let yourself lay back. If we all do things for a purpose and with a clear plan a struggle only seems to be a riddle or duty with a priority.

Does a mother struggle to deliver a baby or carry her for 9 months on her womb? Yes of course it is but she never let it overpower her or drain or suppress her feelings to be a loving mother. She indeed wants it and consider as her priority whereas a woman whose forced to be a mother will struggle and feel the burden of it.

Do we all struggle to write of course every time 🙂 But we do not really call it so as we enjoy this whole process and want to evolve at each step. So this is not struggle it is indeed fun with a learning.

With this daily prompt all I want to say is do not let yourself overpowered by struggle. Though we struggle for petty little things in life, be it money, food, cloth or shelter, we should feel it a need or a wish to satisfy us but do not try to conquer things with a burden on your head lest it would only seem a struggle and not an evolving process where we learn in the journey.





8 thoughts on “Struggle – A Riddle

      1. Hi, I use the wordpress app on my phone which shows me the number of followers when I click on a blog. On my laptop I can only see it if the blog has a widget showing it… so I think you either have to use the app or tell blogger you want to nominate them but need to check how many followers they have 🙂 hope this helps!


        1. actually I tried from laptop and was able to see the followers but it was not very straight forward I had to go to their blog and then at the bottom there is a prompt following or follow and I right clicked it to view in reader mode and then in my reader I could see the followers. 🙂 have completed and nominated too.

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