Manifest Your Strengths

How often do we feel low at times? How often we over judge ourselves? The question of ‘How often’, unfortunately never ends. Because the truth is we judge ourselves every minute, every second of our lives. But why we do so? Why there is a need to judge ourselves so often? Why cannot we make peace with ourselves? There is a crucial requirement to understand this because stats tell that the only factor which is leading to increased death rate is depression and unhappiness.

Unhappiness comes when we are not satisfied. I understand that satisfaction does not come easy owing to the fact that we are humans.However, why is it difficult to be peaceful with ourselves. A deeper level of understanding ourselves is the call of today. We can be inaccurate, inconsistent, hypersensitive, aggressive, or over-joyed because we are humans. Human race is the only race which has got so many mood swings as compared to any other race in the planet. We are more prone to switch our moods thereby proving the fact that we are highly vulnerable despite being the most powerful breed on earth. Isn’t that contradiction?

I feel being peaceful with ourselves is kind of higher learning that we acquire with time and patience. Until then, we are learning, learning to upgrade ourselves, learning to stay undisputed, learning to stay contended and learning to understand our strengths and amplify those strengths, rather focusing on what we do not have. Working on shortcomings is a gesture of improvement and it is definitely fine too, but trying to extend beyond our limitations and capacity will end up leaving us in a state of complexity when we fail, the consequences of which are difficult to mend thereafter. So my dear friends, focus on your strengths and let them manifest because even you know that it is easy to extend your strength and work on it than doing otherwise because weaknesses can be reduced, cannot be eliminated from our life forever.

Do share your experiences how you felt working on your strength vs working on your weakness. Till then keep reading, eating, sleeping and amplify the good around you:)



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