Environmental Mayhem


On this World Environment Day, I have few things to say. Just a reminder as how we are taking steps to make this world a better place to live in. Recently I read somewhere that in today’s scenario the Carbon dioxide level has touched the perilous mark of 400 parts per million and last time it happened when humans didn’t even exist. The safe mark is considered as 350 ppm.

There are many areas in Mumbai which were found or claimed from the sea itself. The time is not too far when the sea will going to claim it back. The situation has already affected our biodiversity but still our nature is being challenged at every step. The place where I recently moved in is surrounded by hills but to my dismay I found that those hills are being burnt these days, some parts are blasted with bombs, God knows which 8th wonder of the world the builders are going to build. I understand due to population there is a need to make more roads and  fly-overs, however at least our old aged fossil fuels should be given a rest.The cause which is pertinent to these harsh consequences is cutting down of trees. Saving trees or planting more trees can help to revive the Carbon dioxide levels on the earth.

We as a common layman can only spread awareness and can do our bit but the real authority lies in the hands of Government who should come up with more stricter laws of environmental anti-degradation and construction policies in civil sector.


5 thoughts on “Environmental Mayhem

  1. Nandrey we all have similar concerns. unfortunately the business of making money seems to be dominating everyone and everywhere including authorities and public alike. Humans have scant regard for environment, it’s last on the list. I hope some sanity prevails and we stop this consumerist race and bottomless hunger for money which is causing this mayhem. thanks for sharing your views

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