The Color Effect

Colors can do wonders to human brain. It can actually heal the depressed. I’m pretty sure many of you still cannot relate to what I’m talking about. Yes I’m speaking of literal meaning of ‘color’ as written in US or ‘colour’ as written in India and many other countries. I will share an enriching experience which I had and, earlier many research theories, magazines and newspapers alike have proved the theory of how color effect.

There is a theory of left brain and right brain which you all must be aware of. Left brain is more apt to do logical, analytical calculations and other related computations while right brain is more confined to think in wider space, being more creative, this part of our brain has more visualization strengths and yes it can understand ‘Color Theory’ well. Many people have a sense for dressing, choosing right colors to wear but on the other side there are many who cannot interpret colors unlike their counterparts.This difference occurs mainly because some are right brained while some are left brained and some are both 🙂

Now whether you are left brained or right brained, the color effect applies to all. I experienced this effect when one Friday I came from office and being very tired chose to sleep. After I got up next day, I still felt weary. I could not understand how to recuperate myself from the drowsiness.I called up my doctor and she prescribed some medicines. Few weeks passed, the prescribed dosage was completed but something could not be cured. My energy levels were down. Though I would have went for some vacation but did not have option to apply leave as there were work priorities in the office. I was looking for a cure as I knew this was result of monotony-my office work, sedentary lifestyle,etc. A great friend of mine once said when you feel tired or bored, you should do what you love to as it recharges our energy. The words were reminiscent of my painting classes during childhood or nail art classes. However, I was now a corporate professional and could not give time to hobbies. Nevertheless, I took out my old acrylic colors from the wardrobe and stumbled upon my painting notebook. They were still so fresh, the portraits, the brush strokes, the bright hues. I took some brushes and colors and started creating color swatches which would help me during shopping. I used all colors and in no time found very involved. I created color swatches which not only helped me in shopping but also revived my mood swing during the coloring process. The process itself has it all, it gives boost to your feel good hormones just like the impact of chocolate. While coloring the swatch I felt energetic and by phenomenon I can say it healed me. Studies say that coloring is not just confined to children these days. Adults too are buying coloring books which are popularly called as ‘Adult coloring books’. The coloring process improves the energy levels and mental well being of human beings.

This concept started in West and now became very popular in India too. I myself found many old people buying camlin pencils and sketch books for their own purpose. I found this very motivating and on a personal front I feel we should buy coloring books for us or gift to our friends, or donate to old age home residents and orphaned children. Let us take the initiative of bringing the stress levels of working class people to zero. After all our own childhood is hiding behind these coloring books and Camlin pencils 🙂


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