Tour like a fanatic

There is a side of me who look to wander. The places explored or yet to be, find their space somehow, In consciousness or in my slumber. This side breaks the silence and monotony, leaving behind world’s monopoly. I rather choose to get lost in places unseen Than living in fear among the known. I […]

An Empty House

Inspired by the Daily prompt :Empty and WP discover challenge : The Story Behind a Door   It was a long time ago when I was probably around 15 or 16 (do not remember the exact age), I dreamt of an abandoned house. The dream still comes to me sometimes. Once or a while I see […]

Go Yoga !

Whats up every body? Surprised by the title? Well today on 21st June, International Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide. Across the countries people go to attend Yoga events and sessions. Yoga as we all know is an age old spiritual practice originated from India and later became popular in many countries. Few names like Swami […]