Assumption can be a real killer

Presume but don’t assume! Presumption is the sign of a wise whereas assumption is the trait of an ignorant. The power of a good comprehension should not be adulterated by assumptions. We presume something when we are completely aware of the truth and the underlying evidence which help us make a decision but assuming something without […]

Reaching beyond the skies

Did it ever happen to you when you got what you reached for? Or, you just missed something when you were almost there? Well it might have happened to each one of us for several reasons while we wanted to conquer something. Reaching your goal and actually achieving it are two different aspects of life. […]

Dark Truth

Years passed but the motive didn’t. When fighter plane shook the tallest one Where once Trade flowed. It was a shock not just for New York, But for the world who was running its biological clock. Years passed but the motive didn’t. Life came and went, somewhere birth and somewhere death. Rich and poor alike […]